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Breast Enhancment Testimonials

Breast Enhancment Testimonials The letters keep coming in and we keep posting them because we know you like to read the stories for information and encouragement. There are many more testimonials at our main web site at Greenbush Natural Products. But only U.S. orders are accepted at our main site. So international customers must come back to this site to place an order.

You are a rare 'breed' in the market of honesty and I appreciate the fact that you stand behind your word. I have been using your 'Breast Enhancement' formula since the end of March of this year. I had an interruption in the use because I was on antibiotics for bronchitus, so I discontinued the herbs for a couple of weeks and then resumed taking the herbs in May. All I can say is, WOW!

My problem was emptiness due to rapid weight loss and gains. I felt hopeless until I found out about your site and products just by doing a web search. I started to buy the 'expensive formulas'. I am so glad that I found out about your site before I did. You told the pure truth. Your explanations were not derogatory about the companies. Just informative and I was easily convinced that your products were the best to try.

You were absolutely right about these herbs, in the purest form. I am so glad that I found a company that stands behind what they endorse, fully. You're not out to 'get over' on anyone. You know as well as I do, that this is a very sensitive issue where the vunerability of women is easily preyed upon by marketers who are out there scheming to take advantage. You are truly not among them. You give the true facts on your website and emails. And you give thorough and extensive information, whereas no one has to guess about the use, components and effects of these herbs. You are also extremely professional in how you handle this issue. This is a personal subject and I appreciate the curtesy and respect that you extend in all of your correspondence. I mean this sincerely. With all of the x-rated and offensive materials that are in existence, I find great relief and can surely give honor to where honor is due to your company. I truly thank God for you. God bless you. I will keep in touch. Please feel free to use my testimony, but I only ask that my real name be withheld for private reasons. Thank you.

I read an article the other day from a Doctor saying these herbs dont work and you cant increase the bust this way,,,,,He is wrong ! This program does work....Thank you Greenbush....So glad I stumbled upon your site one day......Hated the way my breasts looked after having my ruptured implants taken out 7 yrs ago and now they look fuller and so much better....

I love your product. It has worked ten times better than any of the name brand products I have tried. Also, I have had a history of ovarian cysts and since using your product I have not had any problems or painful periods. Thanks for the wonderful product.

We bought a 3 month supply the first time doing business with you and had excellent results. I lost a lot of weight due to dieting and exercise and my breasts went with the loss. These herbs brought my Ds from highschool back after they were lost to a small C or large B. I gave my body a month off of the herbs and I noticed I had really bad cramps that I hadn't experienced while on the herbs so I am ordering more partially because they make my cycle more bearable and because they really do make my breasts bigger and more firm. Thanks, I am a believer who was once a skeptic.

I am so grateful for the products you offer! I was surprised to find that my bust line had grown two inches in the first three weeks. I have been taking two of each of the herbs in capsule form every morning and night. While at work, I mix a teaspoon of each extract into a protein drink. I have been drinking a cup or two of the tea when I get home from work. Do you know what the herbs taste best in--at least to me? A cup of hot cocoa with a little extra sugar added. The bitterness of the herbs just makes the hot cocoa taste like it is made with a darker chocolate. I do the breast massage a few times per week, but I can tell it would be more effective if I did it every night because when I wake up in the morning and shower off the herbs I left on overnight, I can tell they have been at work. I'll share what I do with the herbs used for massage: I mix them in a wide mouthed jar with enough virgin olive oil to make a smooth paste that is similar in texture to pancake batter. I leave the spoon in the jar and at night, I put a spoonful of the paste in my palm and then rub both palms together to distribute the paste. I do the massage for about five minutes while I listen to classical music. Then, I wrap cellophane around my breasts and back, put on my jammies, put a microwaveable heating pad on my chest and crawl into bed to read a good book. The warmth of the heating pad feels wonderful, and it makes sense that it might help the herbs to be better absorbed into the skin. I leave the herbs on overnight. The thing I feel the most grateful about in all this, is that I feel more feminine already. A woman is a woman is a woman, I know. But a woman feels more like a woman if she's got something to show! It's true, isn't it?

This is our second order for my fiancee. She has seen a change from 34B to almost 36B using the Breast Enlargment kit, and has had no ill side effects or problems. We are both really excited and pleased with her new look! Thank you..

just reading through the testimonials now again and thought i'd share my recent experiences with you (for a change, lol...otherwise i'm just bugging you with all of my questions every other day, or several times a day!): i had been lazy in using the breast enhancement herbs before (only taking the pills out of my first kit) but started using the whole thing a lill over two weeks ago now. uhmm, i must say, they feel a lot firmer and better and at times i'm bouncing up and down, singing around the house when passing by our mirrors, hehehe. actually, before starting to take your herbs i really had to look hard to see ANYTHING in that it is quite visible! i'm planning on getting married in a couple of months, God willing, so i'm really excited about what results i can get by that time! i gave one of my four kits to mom and she used all but the massage...says she didn't see much growth but i sure see it on her!!! i am still not measuring since we don't have a tape measure... oh, i forgot to say, i'm 20 and haven't owned a bra in my life so far yet. wasn't going to go to victoria's secret to get "sized" cuz there was nothing to measure really (how embarassing)! now i have the confidence to go and i actually think that i will be able to find some nice bras for myself! :))) (or perhaps i should better wait before buying any, hehe, otherwise they'll be too small in no time! :))) i'm using only the fennel in tea now. if you remember, i love fennel taste! it reminds me of the nursery room in a swiss hospital that my lill bro was born in. in switzerland they give the tea to newborns and recommend it for moms too if i'm not mistaken. strangely enough i have trouble with the fenugreek taste/smell...i think it reminds me of curry which in turn reminds me of chicken...(weird, huh?) the thing with that is, i'm vegetarian (almost vegan)! hehehe. but the benefit by far outweighs the current taste preferences (or lack thereof) and i'm looking forward to seeing results with it once i do start using it on a regular basis once i'm done with the fennel tea. i have learned from my own mistake the importance of using the massage! it sure is a good way to learn...but why not safe yourself some time and learn from other people's mistakes? (my piece of advice ;-)) thanks for the great service! -- unexpensive, pure, fast shipping, additional gifts incl. in the order, always quick and very helpful friendly responses! (not to forget, real/pure herbs -which is what these are- REALLY do work!) i started using my fo-ti for hair/skin and energy right when i received them about three weeks ago, and am anxiously waiting for my kotu kola as well! good stuff! keep up the good work! thanks so much for the service you provide!

I Can't believe what's happening. This is now day 12. I have increased my measurement by 1 1/2 inches (from 36 to 37 1/2). I have also noticed a definate fullness and tenderness in my breasts. I have also noticed a renewed energy level and an overall good feeling, not to mention an increased sexual desire (Thank goodness we can't have anymore children). Definately good side effects :) I am extremely pleased with all the benefits fron these herbs and have been sharing that information with others. Thanks again for your marvelous products, informational site and friendly and helpful response.

hello* ive been taking the extracts on a daily basis for 4 weeks now (they taste great with the herbal teas you sent, btw, almost like wine. thanks). at first i noticed a definite plumpness, and today i was feeling dissappointed at what seemed like nothing new happening. But to my amazement there was a undeniable inch and a half more than when i last measured! really amazing!

I haven't seen dramatic results over the last couple of months. When I first started the herbs I gained 2 inches no problem. I have only gained about 1/4 of an inch in the last 2 1/2 months but that's ok. I am going to take them as long as something is still happening.

It has been a little over a month now since I re-started the herbs (fenugreek, wild yam, saw palmetto) and I have had a 1 inch gain thus far. I started slowly with tea and massage only and gradually added the herbal capsules one at a time, about a week for each one. I finally am up to all three herbs. I have found that my body adjusted very well this way.

Thanks again for being there. I'll keep you posted with more success/results. You may use my comments freely. I just ask that you don't use my 'real' name. God bless you and thanks again.

I had really researched your site and read everything there was to read. I had stated that I had purchased the Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam and Fenugreek three months ago and had stored them because 1.) I was afraid to use herbs I had never really heard of and didn't know anything about and 2.) I was extremely skeptical . I started to take the three herbs mentioned above, 2 each - three times a day. After reading your site, I also mixed the Fenugreek with some lotion and have faithfully done the 5 minute massage twice a day. Let me tell you that I am a 38 year old woman with 5 children, two of whom I breast fed. I am 5'5" and weigh 128 with a bust measurement of 36". For as long as I can remember I have been a little too big for an A cup but not quite big enough for a B cup. After 5 days of using the herbs and doing the massage, I am amazed that my measurement is 37". I mean, I felt no tenderness, no tingling, no nothing. I measured the exact same way that I did prior to taking the herbs and I have to pull the tape measure tight and flatten my nipples to read at 36". I am absolutely amazed and astounded. I have not seen a fullness yet but a definate increase of 1". I am absolutely sold on your products and helpful information. I have gone from being skeptical to a believer and very excited. I can't wait to see the results in the coming weeks and months. I am definately going to continue to use the herbs and doing the massage. I also wanted to note to you that I am a smoker and do drink coffee. I have decreased the amount of coffee I consume and am more conscious about how much I am smoking in a day. Thank you very much for your website and for all the information and personal response. Customer for life

Dear Greenbush Products, I purchased your breast enhancing herb kit for the first time three months ago and just purchased another last week. I have had great results with your herbs. My breast size has went up 2 inches. I have stopped taking the herb casules since I have recently finished the bottles. While taking the herbs I did do the breast massage.

I'm seeing results already. I'm a fitness trainer and I'm required to be in top physical condition, but despite my workouts, my breasts had not been as firm as they were before I had my children. Since using the herbs, they have begun to look full and firm as they did when I was about 18- some 7 years ago- which is exactly what I had hoped for.

These herbs are also helping with my menstrual pain. My doctor felt I may have endometriosis, (I haven't been diagnosed yet) as the pain I had with my periods was so severe and flow was so heavy. Since taking these herbs, my periods are normal....medium to light flow and very little pain. My doctor is also impressed with these results I'm receiving and I'm not in need of any medical treatment for menstrual pains, etc. Thank you for your honesty regarding the breast enhancing herbs. Your herbs are not only excellent quality, but your information on what works and what doesn't is right on.

Thank you again!

I just wanted to give you an update from the last message earlier in June. I am really seeing excellent results. As I shared then, I started consistantly with the herbs in May and could feel 'tightness', then. However, just this week, I am not only feeling the tightness but I can literally 'see' the difference beginning to show. There is definitely more fullness. My current bras are becoming very unfortable to wear now; they are definitely too tight. As you stated, it does take an average of about 3 months to see a difference. For me, it's been about 10 weeks of consistant use.

My regime is 4-6 of each of capsules total each day. I use the extracts in tea. I drink this both hot and cold. It's Delicious! I massage at night with the Fenugreek and olive oil. Cover up with a large warm towel and I leave it on overnight. Sometimes, I apply a warm towel and heating pad. During the day, I massage with the Fenugreek and/or Fennel extract mixed with olive oil, leave it on and go on about my day. It's takes a little time, but the results are so well worth the efforts.

Just wanted to share a way to use the herbs. I have a friend that does skin care and she does lots of body wraps in her spa. She explained that when a product is applied to the skin, heat helps it to absorb to it's full potential into the skin. I told her about the program that I was on and told her about the herbs for massage and teas. She thought it would be helpful to do the massage with an oil or lotion containing the herbs and then follow that with a thick layer of the product covering the breasts. Next she recommended placing a layer of plastic wrap over the breasts. Ideally adding heat over that (such as a hot wet towel or even a heating pad on low.) Obviously you can't stay like that for hours but maybe 30 minutes or so. I think it really makes sense and I wanted to pass it along.

Dear Greenbush Rep, Thank you for having these extracts available through your website. I ordered the 4oz trio for breast development at the end of January this year and have been really pleased with the results. I have to admit, "drinking" the extracts liquid straight took some getting used to but I thought, "why not just go for it" so that is what I did. I had tried mixing it but.....for me, it is easier to just hold my breath and "do a shooter", haha. I also made the tea (not bad at all really, I made it iced and just mixed the fennel and fenugreek together equally) and have made the lotion mixture to sleep overnight with it on, periodically. (this is somewhat messy or can be - so I always use a sports bra after the herbal mix has dried on my breasts and then I use a large tee shirt tied at the waist to sleep in so it doesn't get all over the bedding). In the mornings I just take the tee shirt and sports bra off in the shower standing in the bathtub so! as to not get the flakiness everywhere and since I do this little routine, it has cut the mess down to nothing as it rinses down the shower drain! It may involve a little extra "work" but I figure this beats surgery any day!

Also, I want to tell you that my menstration cycle has inproved considerably, no cramping ahead of time or anything. Seriously, the herbs helped me in this area too.

Thank you for making these pure extracts available and at a low price. I love the fact that we can make lotion and tea to speed up the results and I have to admit I have grown inches! I have been using the extracts for two months.

As I said before, THANK YOU for being so helpful and honorable in this - making the herbal extracts pure (no pesticides) and being upfront about making the information available. I did a lot of research and after much comparison (grobust, isis, bloussant, etc.) I came to the conclusion, for price and purity and information, your site is the best.

I started taking the herbs for breast enlargement and it was helping my endometriosis. a few months after I was taking the herbs I forgot to take my birth control pills for the month and I did not have any problems with my menstration. Even when taking the birth control pills my menstations were very painful because of the endometriosis. I haven't been taking the birth control pills for 7 months and I feel better then ever. I take the saw palmetto, fenugreek and wild yam root I don't know which one is helping me and am too scared to stop taking all three. My menstrations were so bad before, that even tylenol with codene from my doctor didn't help the pain I had. Is the fenugreek what is helping and are the other 2 herbs not necessary for my problem? (Editor's note: The fenugreek and wild yam are most likely responsible for the improvements.)

i'm delighted to be able to tell you that your breast enhancement products are working! =)

The first three weeks i was applying cream once or twice a day and taking the extracts 3 times a day. Switched to extracts twice a day and the breast enhancement capsules at work during lunch after receiving them free with the Yerba Mate products and continue applying the cream as before.

During those first 3 weeks, i had to ask myself if my breasts were really getting firmer and larger or did i just want them to so badly that i was imagining it? The fourth week there were slightly, but definitely, noticeable results. In the last two weeks, i've outgrown my old bras! i no longer barely fill an A cup - they became too small. Went out yesterday and bought new bras - B's! Even considered buying C's, knowing that it's only a matter of time before i'll need them!

i've told no one i know about what i'm doing, because it really is a decision i made for me. Am feeling so much better about myself after giving so much of my bustline to nursing my 3 children. My clothes fit better, i feel better, and i'm still losing those extra pounds i've been working on.

I'm so happy I found your site before wasting a lot of money on some other pill or product. I started my treatment on Monday. It is now Friday. I havent even begun to take the other 2 pills yet, only 1 Saw Palmetto Berry pill 3x per diem... I have also been using Kit # 3, exclusively for the nightly massages. I am dumbfounded at the results I have obtained in 4 DAYS. Last weekend, I had a finger's width of room between the top of my bra cup and my breasts. Today, I fill the cups out completely (having gone from a flat, saggy 36 B to a full, bouncy 36 B). This is simply awesome. I have already recommended this treatment to many friends. Thank you.

The products seem to be working. It's been just barely 2 months and the tape measure says I'm 3 inches bigger than I was when I started.

I work in marketing :) so I'm very skeptical of any "wonder" cures but I'm absolutely amazed by the results of these herbs. I feel great and I'm already gaining a lot of confidence that I just may see some good breasts by the end!

As for the herbs (and please feel free to use this as a testimonial), I have been on the enhancement regimine (fenugreek, saw palmetto and wild yam root) for almost 6 months and am very happy with the results. My progress has been slow, but I didn't have much to work with! I was what I consider a "barely A cup"...a little bigger than AA but nowhere near filling an A. For as long as I can remember I have been able to wear nothing but padded push-up bras to give me the illusion of having some sort of curves. After about 4 months on the herbs, I put on a flimsy, unpadded bra I bought years ago with the wild hope of maybe someday "growing into" it. I couldn't believe it when I FILLED it. I now look WONDERFUL in my padded push-ups!!!!!

I was very skeptical that this would work, but after researching the herbs and several companies, I finally decided to try it. Your website was one of the most informative and user-friendly...and also one of the more inexpensive ones!

Long story short - I finally have some cleavage of my own and it did NOT come with a weight gain (I am 5'7" and my median weight is 122 and has stayed there). And I can definately tell that it is breast tissue that has grown and not fat. The difference in my bustline has been noticable to others, and especially appreciated by my boyfriend!!!

My wonderful gift for my 30th birthday (just hit the landmark) turned out to be a boobs!!! YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!! Even if I have to take these as maintanence for the rest of my life (though I am hoping size will increase just a little bit more), it is well worth it and definately beats the cost and risk involved in having implants!

My friend Melisa and I ordered these together and she has seen results, as well. A mother of 2, she had "deflated" after the birth of her second child. The pills have brought back her fullness and firmness, increased her bust size and she is very happy with her results, as well (and so is her husband).

Hi I just wanted to write to you and let you know what great results I have had. I was a little skeptical about buying the breast enlargement pills. I had tried another brand before and ended up breaking out in a rash from the herbs, so I had to quit taking them. I have been on your herbs for 2weeks (tomorrow) and I can see a big difference. I have grown 2 1/2 inches and my breast are so much firmer. I have always tried to hide my breast size before (34 A), but now I love what this is doing for me. I'm am almost 28 years older and a mother of two. After my first child I was a 32A, but after my second I was a saggy 34A. Since I've been taking these herbs and doing the massage I can feel and my husband has noticed a big difference. I am even more interested in sex!! I will continue to keep taking them until I reach my goal. Thanks so much for inexpensive augmentation!!

Hi there, I just wanted to write and thank all of you. I started the thirty day Kit on September 28th (today is October 15th) and I have been taking the pills (2 ea. 3x's a day or 3 ea. 2x's a day) and doing a five minute massage before bed every night since I received the package. This Friday will make 3 full weeks of use, when I started the program I had just grown out of my B cup bras, I wanted a little more up front but no surgery! Surgery scares me anyway, I would not have it done for something unnecessary, not to mention I could not afford it. One of the women I work with had breast enlargement surgery recently, though she recovered without complication, for almost a full week after the weekend she took to recover she walked with a hunched back and said she felt as though a semi-truck had struck her in the chest. Shortly after her full recovery I began researching the dangers of the surgery. I learned something that I wondered if she knew; most implants only last 10 to 15 years! So what would breasts look like after they had to be taken out?! I also viewed quite a few pictures on what harm they can do if anything goes wrong, the pictures were truly horrifying! I then started researching pills like Bloussant, I wanted bigger breasts naturally, but I did not trust those companies, people can sell anything nowadays and it seems no one has ethics when it comes to business and making money. I wanted to buy from a business that cares about consumers and makes safe and natural products, and then I stumbled onto Greenbush. I ordered a thirty day supply because I felt like I would not be losing money even if my breasts did not increase in size because I researched all of these different herbs and their benefits to the body. I wrote quite a skeptical little comment when placing my order, but got a return email from Joel encouraging me to have a little patience and to keep them posted on my progress. Well Iím happy to report that the skeptic has disappeared, the difference is obvious, not only are my breasts 3/4 of an inch bigger (I measured last night!) but they are also fuller looking and feel heavier. My boyfriend is under the impression these pills are for things like PMS, increased energy and the other health benefits associated with them; somehow :) he got the impression that the breasts may grow larger as a "side effect". Not surprisingly, he is very supportive of this "side effect". He noticed the change about a week and a half ago, he likes to tease that since I am now "pouring out of" all but one of my C cup bras (most are 36C, the only one that fits now is a 38C) that I had better go get myself a D soon, that's okay with me, it means I get to go shopping :). An actual side effect of the product seems to be reducing streach marks, both of us have noticed that mine have virtually disappeared. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I ordered my second 1 month supply today (unfortunately, I am not in a position to afford the full three months right now) and now that these herbs are part of my daily routine I am looking forward to continuing to hopefully a DD or maybe eventually an E! Thanks again Greenbush!

after breast feeding 3 kids for a total of about 3 years... my breasts are saggy!- i've been taking the breast enlargement stuff for 2-3 weeks, consistanly, and- i THINK my brests are getting fuller and i keep telling myself that it's just my imagination or wishful thinking (i'm such a skeptic!) but they arent saggy anymore! and it's not just my imagination... my husband noticed it! they can "stand up on their own" now- WOW! i cant believe the herbs really worked! i mean of course i was hoping they would but i cant beleive they really are!WOW!

Hi, I have been using the breast enlargement kit for only 1 week and I am amazed! Immediate changes that improve everyday. My breasts look and feel so incredible I can't keep my hands off them!!! I am a 36C anyway, but can't get enough of a good thing, they are so much fuller than before, I really don't believe it, I will be taking this product for the rest of my life at least!! Thanks a million for truly noticeable results not to mention very quick shipping and great pricing!

Hi Greenbush!! I'm very excited about your breast enhancement herbs. They are already working! I just finished taking the pills and I've noticed a difference already. I am starting to fill out my 34A cups and hope to be in a B cup soon! Wish me luck. My overall health has improved as well. This is my 2nd order and I'm trying your kit#3-liquid extracts, since I've had trouble with the pills. I'll keep u posted.Well here goes... Thank you, CJ

This is my second order. I have had a definite increase in fullness, and a little increase in size after about 7 weeks. I'm sticking with it to see if I can add one or two cup sizes. I'm a AA right now, so this is really exciting for me!!

Thanks for all of your help so far. By the 5th week mark I had gained a solid inch! It is now about 7 weeks and I feel that the wellness benefits are evident. I actually stopped taking some of my prescription medication which had some adverse side effects.

Dear Greenbush, I wanted to submit my testamonial..... I am a 53 year old female who had silicone breast implants put in and had to have them removed because of ruptures....Was considering saline until I saw your site...Had read about the other programs but they were very costly and I am on a fixed income.....After reading the other stories, thought I would give it a try....really doubted anything happening..... well, it did happen....When I first started I measured...then measured again in 2 weeks...I had gained a full inch....2 weeks later ( one month of use ) I measured and have gained another one half inch...I am not even using these as often as I should...Have only been doing one massage a day and havent been drinking but a cup of tea a week......some days I dont even take as many pills as I should..... also, I have had chronic constipation since a small child.....Have had to take laxatives alot...but with these herbs, I havent had to.....

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the breast enlargement herbs (and the RESULTS!) that I am ordering some other items, and telling all my friends! I was very sceptical when I ordered the breast enlargement package, but, the results have been REAL! I measured before I started taking the herbs and was at 34" around the bust. As of today I measure at 36". (cup sizes can be deceiving, so I measured around the bust instead.) I can hardly believe it! My bust is fuller, rounder and firmer. And it is a NOTICEABLE difference. Thank you for providing an alternative to enhancement surgery!

I am 50 years old. At puberty my right breast did not develop at all and my left breast only enough to fill a 'AA' bra. I have small breast implants but I still look a bit lopsided and am only an 'A' cup and a bit smaller on my flat side. The surgeons said that nobody would notice it but I do as the nipple is a lot smaller as well with little feeling. Anyway I have been following all your instructions and have bought all the herbs as well as growing my own Fenugreek sprouts which I really enjoy, they are delicious! I have been massaging my flat breast only twice a day with Fenugreek powder, Wild Yam & Black Cohosh cream for the past six weeks and although my right breast is not yet as large as my left, the nipple is thickening and around the areola are little sensitive nodules which were definitely not there before. I am really quite amazed and can't thank you enough. Also my periods have stretched out from 25 days apart to 34 and are much lighter. Thanks again,

I have been using several of the "breast" herbs for about 5 or 6 months (saw palmetto, fenugreek and wild yam). I have been pretty conservative so far, only taking 1 capsule of each 3 times a day (sometimes I'll double up 1 or 2 times a day). I haven't used the teas, but I have used some of the herbs from the capsules for massage on occasion. I have gone from a 36AA to a 36A, which isn't a lot, but it's better than I was before. They also feel much fuller and firmer now. The other benefits have been that the spotting problem I used to have with my cycles went away immediately, and other things are more regular too. (Editor's note: Things will move along a lot faster if you add some tea to the program.)

Hello, Hallelujah to you and your company. And I am not even religious. I just started using your liquid extracts. I found that they do not have a good taste so I will be using the extracts in lotion and I have purchased the capsules. I just started the capsules today, but I have to say that from the few days of using the extracts I have noticeably firmer breasts. I considered my self very flat chested,but I already have changed that perception. I am not huge or even close to my goal, but I am happy that I can already see them growing. I just hope they stay that way. I am not sure why my breasts have grown. It does not seem possible that the herbs are already working. I am 30 so it is not thta I am hitting my growth spurt, but what ever the reason I am happy. I just wanted to send you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU.

I've been taking the breast enlargement herbs for almost a month now. To be honest, I didn't start off measuring myself because I was very skeptical. I thought if it didn't work, it'd be worth it anyway for the health benefits. So a couple weeks into it, I noticed my breasts felt fuller & I started to measure them. Just in the past week, I've gained a half an inch. The week prior, I believe I gained a half an inch as well. I'm very excited that this is actually working!!! I will keep you updated as the weeks go by. I just ordered another 30 day supply. Thank you very much.. I've been waiting for this for 23 years!!!

Hello, Just a note (actually, this has turned out to be a very long letter) to let you know that I am just starting my eighth week taking the kit and my breasts have increased from 33 1/2 A to 36 1/2 B. I take two of each herb three times a day; consume one tablespoon of each of the fennel and fenugreek extract in tea, juice, or just hot water and sweetener; and massage my breasts morning and night with my lotion mixed with fennel and fenugreek. I have actually been able to feel my breasts growing. The herbs arrived just in time for PMS when my breasts always increase anyway and that seemed like a great time to start taking the herbs. I experienced fuller, firmer, and more shapely breasts right away with an extreme elasticity not to be believed. My breasts went from 33 1/2 to 35 at first. My next PMS time I went to 36 but shrunk back to 35. I just went through another PMS time when my breasts went to 36 B but shrunk back to barely 35. It was a real let down after looking so sexy for my man in my lacey bra.

I needed to reorder as I was almost out of herbs and wanted to order a sexual stimulant for my man. (He's not nearly as sexually inclined as I am and it has been a real problem in our relationship.) With the wonderful information you provide on herbs I decided to order another kit, fenugreek seeds for sprout growing, yohimbe, and the other breast enhancing herbs mentioned, red clover, and soy isoflavones, as well as some evening primrose for general well being.

My man and I tried the yohimbe and we had a fun time. I'm considering having him take it daily or trying the Muira Puama for his daily consumption. The reason I went with the yohimbe is because it was available in capsule form and had been previously recommended by a friend. My man cannot take herbal solutions in liquid form. He really cannot tolerate the taste. I have actually grown to love the taste. I chew the herbs in my liquid when I get to the thickened stuff at the bottom.

I have added one of each of the soy isoflavones and evening primrose and two of each of the red clover three times a day to my usual herb consumption feeling that I could use any extra help I could get.

One night my man paid a lot of attention to my breasts and the next day I could feel them growing. I came home from work and measured them. Sure enough I had gone back to my PMS size of 36. I was so excited. I just measured this morning and I am now a 36 1/2 B. I never had to pay much attention to holding up my small, firm breasts but now I have had to be conscious of holding them up and using my muscles more. I know 36 1/2 B is small compared to a D or DD cup but I actually have a cleavage now and I love my breasts. Positive thinking is (I feel) a very important factor in the breast enhancing process. I try to give my body positive vibes and have asked my man to do so. Apparently it works because when he gave them all that attention they were just so happy that they decided to grow. Another thing is that I started back doing aerobics on the morning of the day my breasts grew to 36 again. I'm not sure if t! hat may have played a role. I do try to exercise daily. I've always tried to ride my mountain bike as often as possible but now I am alternating between my bike rides and aerobics for a daily workout. Now that my breasts are growing (WOW!) I need to work on keeping them it even though the herbs make them so very firm. I'm hoping to get to a C cup (at least - we'll see how I feel if I get there).

I just went for my annual exam and told my practicitioner about the herbs. She had some knowledge of these herbs but wanted to know more about how they worked to increase breasts. During my breast exam I believe she noticed the firmness and texture of my breasts. Secretly, I think she was interested for herself since her breasts are small and she is in her 40's like me. I have given her one of your information sheets and by the way she latched onto it I wouldn't be surprised if she placed an order very soon.

These herbs have been the most wonderful discovery for me. I'm so glad I took the time to investigate the other companies and got lucky enough to end up finding Greenbush. I try to buy organic as much as possible. At the age of 42 I feel like I am the best I've ever been physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Well, thanks again. I've got to get ready to go out for my bike ride. It is a beautiful, sunny day in North Calais, Vermont and your herbs have made my spirits soar!

> First of all, thank you VERY VERY VERY much, I'm > seeing growth already. My objective male > friend who is the biggest sceptic in the world, and > took my measurements to prove me wrong about this has > already conceded that this is for real by way of the > results so far 5 days and 1/4 inch increase but also > WAY fuller and firmer and perkier! This is better > "measured" by the way my loose bra that HAD jelly > packs to fill it and don't I need them any more!!! > Anyway, he seriously wants to know if you have a "male > genitalia" growth counterpart herbal combo.

I have to say, I'm amazed, I come from a LONG line of > flat chested women and really didn't think the > "genetic" thing would co operate. I'll be sticking > with this for the long term and will update you on my > progress if you like. I SAW the "surgery" performed on > TV and realized there was NO WAY I could deal with > that! So, I really can't thank you enough for this > outrageously kewl alternative. If my results continue > I guarantee you'll be hearing from MANY of my friends > formally known as the ones who USED to call me bread > board. :)

I take the fenugreek, saw paletto, and wild yam pills three times a day with the rub on my breast which has started them growing again. I'm really amazed at the results the herbs has made in my bust line. I'm very grateful I don't have to go through painful options to have the breasts I've always wanted. I haven't reached my goal yet but I know after all the help I've gotten and perseverance I will.

You have an awesome product and helpful customer service. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much Greenbush. I started taking the herbs about 24hours ago, and I am THRILLED to say that I am already feeling the growing pains. I am 25 and have breastfed three children, after weening my last baby, I shrunk to almost, nothing, when I showed my best friend, she didn't know what to say. I honestly think that all I have is stretched out skin left from breastfeeding. I tried another expensive product, and it did nothing. I waisted $80 on a 2 oz bottle of sugar water with a small amount of herbs sprinkled in for flavor. I am now a 36A and I am hoping to get to a 36C which is what I was while I was nursing. I know that if I stick with this program I will achieve my goal. I am taking the fenugreek, fennel, and saw palmetto. I also added soy milk shakes, wild yam, black cohosh, and a cream with Sabal, amiana, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Kava Kava, Dandelion Root, Oat Bran, Wild Yam, and Motherwort. I thought that the cream would work better than regular lotion, because of the ingredients. I am very excited, and I know I will start seeing the results soon, I can already feel them. I am also taking these herbs, because I had a tubal ligation and have had, problems with cramping. Thanks, again Greenbush for being there for the women that decide to breastfeed, and lose more than their milk when they ween. Please feel free to add this to the testimonials.

Hi Greenbush staff- WOW, these herbs are wonderful!! I have been taking them about one month now and have some assorted comments. I have been off of the Pill one year now, and have suffered with terrible mood swings, bloating, food cravings, etc. the last 1-2 weeks of my cycle, along with a poor sex drive at that time as well. Since being on the breast enlargement herbs, I have noticed a DRASTIC change-no more moodiness, food cravings, less bloating, and most importantly(according to my fiancee') a much improved sex drive all month long. For this alone, he has been threatening to email you himself and give you a very enthusiastic two thumbs up!! I confess I didn't measure my bust prior to starting on them, and I haven't noticed anything drastic yet, but I will definitely stay with the program for another 6-9 months. I cannot stomach the tea, and haven't incorporated the breast massage, but I believe I will start the latter this weekend to hopefully get my right breast more symmetrical with my left.

Guess what? It's working! Getting fuller, by 2 inches now!(only 1.5 months) I thought that I'd share that with you. If it weren't for your site, I wouldn't have gone out and done that. I also have been experiencing milder 'monthly you know whats'. I have read a few testimonials that discuss the reversal or diminshing of cysts. I am waiting to go for my next ovary ultrasound next month, and see if there's any improvement. Up until I was taking Saw Palmetto, Fennel, Fenugreek, and Wild Yam, it was getting bigger. So, we'll see. Thanks for your site! Keep updating those testimonials.

I started taking the herbs for the benefit of the breast enhancing and after 4 months of taking the herbs I went from a B 1/2 cup to a D cup so I was happy with the results and stopped taking the herbs. It has been 1 month and now when I started my period this month my cramps are back........I didn't realize that maybe the herbs had something to do with my monthly cramps being almost nothing.......have you heard this before?? (Editor: Yes we have. Many times.) I just made another order I figured it couldn't hurt to take them another 3 months.

Rating: Excellent Comments: I was very impressed that Greenbush sends out their orders so promptly (within 2-3 days from ordering). Not only that, their products really work. I am literally experiencing the results that their products promised beyond my expectations. They give adequate information regarding their products and simple instructions, very easy to follow. All one has to do is follow them for the results they state. I am very pleased with this company and I am also happy that they are a part of Yahoo ordering. Not just for the shopping points, but because I trust Yahoo and their selections of merchants.

I was happy to respond to the customer rating survey. I have always had excellent service through your company. It's sort of like a present every time I get my package even though I paid for most of it. And now that I live in the stix, it was surprising how quickly I still got my package. I started using your herbs because, as many people I'm sure do, I wanted the Natural products that you can not find in the store. No added chemicals. The first products that I tried from your company were the Breast enlargement herbs, I continue to use these because I have seen an increase in size and fullness (I went from an A to a B cup.) I also started drinking more beer, so I can't tell you for sure if its the herbs or the barley? :) But whatever it is, its workin for me, so I will continue this diet. The other herbs that I am currently using are for my allergies. I ordered the Ginger and have just recently started use. I will let you know how the results of this go. I also ordered Fenugreek seeds for growing sprouts. I have not tried these yet. (Holidays are too busy to try to grow things that need daily attention) And Soy, again, I like your supliments because they do not have all the additives. If you would like to use my comments as testimonials, feel free. I do enjoy your products and your service is great. I also emailed once to ask a question for a friend and got a prompt, knowledgable response. I think that covers everything.

I know it's been a long time since I've let you know how it was going with the herbs. Things have been great. I was very skeptical in the beginning and worried with my MS and other meds, but they worked! I measured 31" on October 9 when I began and on Christmas Eve I measured 34" which is where I used to be! I plan on continuing to maybe see if I can firm up a little more, but I am pleased. THANK YOU! If you'd like me to send a formal testimonial, I will. Let me know.

The product worked just as advertised! First order was discreetly sent and online advice/help was fast.

Greenbush is incredible! My order was here on Monday. I used to work for a shipping company and I never thought priority mail was that fast. I did take what I had for herbs and drink lots of tea. It worked out pretty well because it was fenugreek and wild yam I was low on and I just rationed them and grew fenugreek sprouts and took more of my PMS formula which has wild yam in it. I love the sprouts. Drinking tea is definitely important. I noticed a difference with my increased tea drinking. Thank you for the tea and free herbs. I really like the chai tea and peppermint tea has always been a favorite. The encouragement you provide goes way past any customer service I've ever received. Your encouragement during my recent discouragement was just what I needed. I had been under a huge amount of stress and believe that is why my results weren't very good. When I got out of that stressful time I noticed that my breasts increased back to what they had been and I feel encouraged for the future. I know herbs work over time and it's a good thing. Fast growth wouldn't be good. The fullness and increase I have already experienced has been a definite improvement. I have referred Greenbush to some other women and will definitely keep doing so. Joel, you're the greatest. I hope you are having a fantastic day.

I appreciate that they provide all natural products, unlike so many other health/natural products which use toxic fillers. I also appreciate the freedom of being able to purchase a single herbal product in a capsule rather than having to take an herbal cocktail in a capsule. This lets me decide what works best for me. They are the first company I've found which does this. They are also affordable, fast delivery & excellent quality!

Sorry this took so long, but please feel free to post this testimonial. It may help someone else who is searching and unsure like I was. "What a find! I really didn't think anything so simple would work, but these herbs did what they claimed they would do. I am 36 years years old, nursed 3 children and I was scared to try them because I have Multiple Sclerosis and also recently had a hysterectomy, but after researching how each herb would react to my immune system and talking with some pharmacists, the MS Society and my own doctor, I felt it was safe to try. I started off slow on October 9 measuring in at 31" and gradually increased to 3 capsules a day. After 4 weeks, I measured 32" and on Christmas Eve, 11 weeks to the day, I measured in at a surprising 34"!!! With my disability I felt so self-conscious about my body and unattractive to my husband, but these herbs have given me a better feeling about my personal appearance that I thought I would never get back! For an added bonus, the Fenugreek helps with one of the side effects of my medication. Yeah!!! Thank you to Greenbush for bringing these herbs at an affordable price! I plan on continuing because I have seen nothing but good! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I hope that's not too long. It might help someone else searching for answers.

So, I've been sticking to the program for 5 weeks now, after using both the Isis and Bloussant products for one full year, and I'm glad to say that I've seen a significant improvement with your product in such a short amount of time. I phased in the (3) pure herbs while I was completing the Bloussant program before starting to take the (3) herbs 3 times a day with (1 to 2) cups of tea and the massage (on one breast to even out the size), so I've probably been using your product for a total of 8 weeks. I'm certain that I'll be pleased with my results by the time I finish off the capsules. I think it's particularly important that women NOT be taken in by all of these other companies promising the same results as Greenbush, though their products are so diluted. In fact, while using those other products, I noticed that my size would fluctuate dramatically during different stages of my menstrual cycle. At the end of each period, my size would reduce severely and I would always question whether those other products were regulating fluid retention moreso than actually increasing breast tissue. The reason that I was able to recognize the difference between your product and the others is because I'd just ended a period and noticed that the size remained full. Thank goodness!! At any rate, I had had difficulty with the teas earlier on because I wasn't straining the powders but leaving them in the cup while I drank the tea. This proved to be an awful experience. I now have a much better system, steeping the powders in a reusable cotton tea bag along with some cinnamon and spice herbal tea for taste, and that seems to work quite well. I am able to incorporate that part of the program into my regular daily routine without noticing it at all, as I enjoy drinking herbal teas on a regular basis.

I have received my herbs in record time as usual. The herbs from Starwest Botanicals seem to be really good quality. The fenugreek capsules look more like the fenugreek seeds I grind up when I run out of ground fenugreek which means to me that they are more potent. The ground fennel also smells stronger. I'm happy with my order. I plan to try the wrap at some point using my free fennel extract. I have had definite results to date and plan to keep going. It is a slow ongoing process. It's amazing to me!

They are VERY HELPFUL!! Whenever I have had a question, I just email them my question, and within 5 hours, I have an answer!! I placed my order on Saturday, and received the product the following Thursday, which I felt was a quick turn around! The product is packed VERY DISCREETLY!! They include very specific and easy to understand instructions on how to use their products! They are WONDERFUL!! I would purchase from them again!

Their information on the internet is very informative. I really liked reading the testimonials. I did e-mail them with a question and recieved an e-mail back promptly. They have really good service and I would order from them again. I really would like them to keep on adding on more testimonials about their products because it really helps out if you are considering ordering the products. Their products are good quality. Shipping was fast too.

Sometimes when purchasing speciality products there is a little confusion. I emailed my question & received a very timely, professional & detailed explaination. They even overlooked my oversight to satisfy me. It may sound strange in this day & age, but I felt they really cared about my concerns. I am very satisfied & will continue to do business w/ Greenbush. My order was received promptly.

It is great doing business with Greenbush. Their products really work and the service is great.

This is the third time I have ordered with Greenbush, and I have always been very pleased with my order! I was also surprised the very first time I ordered and received a gift (just thrown in) just for ordering. These "gifts" are always a small thing, but as we all know, it's the little things that count. It is nice to know that someone is still willing to go the extra step to show appreciation for the customer. I will definately order from them again.

Your products has worked wonders!! Thanks!!! We plan on being frequent customers.

Timely, friendly, and honest!! Good old American customer service... we've already placed and received our 2nd order.

Extremely excellent. My wife's overall health improved incredibly. She no longer has mood swings or headaches. She lost a good amount of weight. Her overall skin tone is healthier. Her menstrual period became regular. She is very happy with the way she looks and feels. Also, her breast went from a 32B to a 36C or 38B. She says she is not were she wants to be yet, but she will get there. She is also lifting weights (I am surprised!!!) and started a routine exercise program. I will keep you posted on the overall results. I thank you for your support.

I am a new member of Greenbush products and at first I thought it was just another way for someone to make money. BUT!!! In 3 short days I recieved the items that I ordered. I figured, I ordered it so I may as well try it. I take two pills per day; one in the morning and one at night. In 3 to 4 days I started noticing my breasts beginning to get full. At first I thought it was my imagination but when my mother came home from work as I was putting on clothes, she had to ask me was I pregnant. "No! I'm just taking Fenugreek Pills from Greenbush Natural Products!!"

I do so appreciate the informative information that the Greenbush website furnishes, as well as the encouragement to e-mail any customer product concerns or questions. In this age where westerb medicine still is the front runner in the US in comparison to alternative health care which herbs contribute such an important element, I am grateful for the wonderful benefits I am receiving physically and mentally from my order. I have been sharing their wonderful benefits with my girlfreinds who are frustrated with the non-responsiveness from their doctors concerning the delicate concerns women are undergoing in this stressful society. Keep up the good work Greenbush, I am so thankful to have found your website!

I was very skeptical when I ordered the breast enhancing herbs, but I figured I would give them a try, it sure was alot less expensive than the others, I started to use them on Feb. 10 and within two weeks I had gone from a 33/34B to a full 36B. You cant imagine how surprised and happy that this had made me, and my husband as well, thank you Greenbush for making my dreams of a fuller bust come true. D.W

I am 5'1" and weigh about 103 lbs. I have worn a padded 34A for years but am really a 34AA or even AAA. I just wanted to let you know that the herbs are working very well. I've grown almost 2.5 inches in 6 weeks. My goal is simply to grow into a true 34A because I don't want to look "top heavy."

I didn't see the dramatic results indicated in some of the testimonials; my progress has been more of the "slow and steady" kind. I say that to encourage anyone else who may not be seeing immediate results. It actually took me about a month to notice any significant change. I did, however, feel the same tenderness I recall from puberty shortly after beginning the 3-month program.

I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical at this treatment at first. My first reaction whenever I hear the claim of "all natural" is to think, Yeah, well, so's hemlock. The only reason I even purchased the herbs was because I had always told myself that if I could find a way to naturally increase my bust size, I would consider trying it. And the fact that your prices are extremely fair and reasonable definitely helped. I've been very pleasantly surprised that they really do work! Thanks for your informative web site and fair marketing practices. I will definitely recommend you to others who would be interested.

okay, I never dreamed I'd be writing an email like this, but I just have to tell you how amazed I am at the results I've seen already w/your breast enlargement kit #2, and I just started the programme!!! I should probably tell you that I'm 30 and have been a not-quite-B since high school [never had kids]; over the years I've sunk HUNDREDS of dollars into a very specific lingerie line [which shall remain nameless] trying to fill out my figure just a bit -- implant surgery simply isn't an option for me, for more reasons than I care to count... while I wouldn't mind being a little bigger in the bust [not TOO much, mind, or I'll look ridiculous, as I'm very slender], it'd be enough just to get some firmness back -- I mean, let's face it: gravity works... :-X so last night when I arrived home and got your package [thank you so much for your prompt and discreet shipping!], I read the enclosed letter and decided to start w/just two saw palmetto capsules 3x/day for the first week to let my system adjust to the herbs, adding the other herb capsules one week at a time, and I'd begin pre-bedtime massage w/the bulk herbs as well [about 1/8 teaspoon each of the fennel and the fenugreek mixed into barely a tablespoon of pure jojoba oil, which made a rather grainy poultice that I massaged in and then left on overnight -- I highly recommend sleeping with a towel under oneself to protect one's sheets]... so as of this morning, I'd only taken TWO herb capsules and had ONE massage, and while I haven't seen an increase in size at this early stage, there's definitely a difference in the firmness and fullness of my breasts, quite literally OVERNIGHT!!! I'd read the testimonials on your website, but I know every woman's body is different and I had no idea how mine would react to the herbs, so I think I'd tempered my expectations pretty well; I certainly wasn't expecting such a quick response from my body, but this morning I actually found myself removing the pads from my push-up bra -- no more gaps between my breasts and my bra straps...! I've got my 20-year-old boobs back!!! cheers!!! :-)

I just want to share my excitment with someone.. I have been faithfully taking the fenugreek herbs for 8 days now and i am pleased to say that i am seeing some great results already. I just cant believe what i am seeing already. First of all my breasts are normally very small.. This morning when i was undressing to shower i couldnt believe it myself so i called my husband in to see if he could see what i was seeing. And sure enough he noticed right away. His remark was ''Looks like we need to get you a new bra.'' I dont quite know how they are working but i have already gained 1 inch. These herbs are simply amazing. I am so glad that there is actually a company out there who are here to help us. Your prices are amazing and the service i recieved from the shipment to answering my questions is simply great. I am so glad i found greenbush. I was so insecure about my breasts i was actually concidering bu! ying those very high priced pills from isis. well i just wanted you to know how excited i am to have found your company and to let you know i have already referred you to many of my friends and i will definetly place my next order within a few weeks. thanks again. laura you are welcomed to share my thoughts with everyone and i hope they are seeing great results like i am. ill keep you posted

> I just read some of the testimonials by women who have been taking your breast enhancement herbs for three months. I've been taking them for about 3 Ĺ months, and just reordered - partly because of their experiences. I used to say that if I could just fill out an A cup, I'd be happy. Well, I'm filling it out now, and I am happy, but I want more! I'm holding out for a full B! I'm very excited about the change, and look forward to seeing what the future holds. Thanks for presenting your products without lots of false claims and empty promises. KK, age 38

my friend ordered them for her 17 year old daughter who was already saving money for implants. When I told her about my success with your products, she had me order some for her. In about 7 weeks her bras are already tight and she is so excited to be starting her senior year with a little something up front. Thanks so much!

You have excellent service and your product is excellent. I have endometriosis and since I have been taking your product I have had pain free menstrations. I went from an A cup to a B cup in 2 months. Feel free to post this but please do not use my name. Thank you! Thank you!

> Rating: Excellent > Comments: > The service was outstanding. The customer service was beyond excellent, they answered all my questions, no matter how stupid they were. The shipping was lightning fast! I have been taking their products for 2 weeks now and I am pleased with the results. They are an Honest, Dependable, and Reliable Company. I have recommened their company website to many friends. I also plan on ordering more of their products. It seems I have developed a taste for the Fenugreek seeds I have been sprouting! In fact I will be placing my second order this week

Extremely excellent. My wife's overall health improved incredibly. She no longer has mood swings or headaches. She lost a good amount of weight. Her overall skin tone is healthier. Her menstrual period became regular. She is very happy with the way she looks and feels. Also, her breast went from a 32B to a 36C or 38B. She says she is not were she wants to be yet, but she will get there. She is also lifting weights (I am surprised!!!) and started a routine exercise program. I will keep you posted on the overall results. I thank you for your support.

You guys are great! Thank you! I believe this is the best customer service I have ever received from any where! Things are going really well. I love your products. I have noticed some changes, and I am pleased with the intended results. But what I really notice when I use the kit #2 products consistently is... I FEEL BETTER! After having my child over six years ago, I have noticed a lot of hormonal fluctuations that leave me feeling awful for 2-3 weeks out of every month--lethargic, bloated, with a lot of emotional lability--but when I use the herbs everything evens out. Now using the herbs has worked its way into my daily routine. I even like the bulk herbs when brewed with some Stash Licorice Spice tea (hot and iced). It's really good! I also just sprinkled some dry bulk herbs into some chocolate pudding, and that was pretty good. I usually add some to yogurt, too. It adds a bit of crunchiness and the flavor isn't bad.

I always thought that I was unlucky in everything. So, when I ordered your breast enhancement herbs I expected it would be a huge disappointment. One month later I have experienced a 1 inch increase in my bust size. I could feel the herbs working almost immediately. My chest was hot and felt sore after I took my pills and drank my tea. It tastes yucky, but when I saw the tape measure, it starting tasting a whole lot better. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next four months-4 inches?! One word: I am religous about my program. 18 pills 2 tablespoons of the powder and a 5 minute breast message EVERY DAY. If it can work for me it can work for anyone.

Ive done the pills, tea, and massage for just about 2 months now, and I can't believe the change. My husband and I both noticed a change in the frist 3 full days of use, and the changes just keep happening. I'ts fantastic. I'd been considering surgery, not implants, but just something to give them some life again. The thought of surgery was intimidating and somewhat scary, when my husband told me about this, I was all for it. It's great to know that I may actually end up with breasts like I had when I was 19!! Thank-you

I have had good luck with them, much to my surprise, the enhancement herbs made my stretch marks noticeably fade, this is something I didn't even know about. One day I just realized they were almost half as bad as they used to be. Thank You!

Just to update you - I have finally added about 3/4" to by bust, plus they are more firm. Please tell those who feel like giving up to hang in there - it took me about 4 months before I saw any noticeable improvement. I finally made it to an A cup, watch out B - here I come!!

I placed a order with your company on August 29, 2001. I began to > take the tablets on Sept.1, 2001. I am pleased to say that these > products really do work!!! I am so excited! It's only been 12 days and > my breast are much more fuller and rounder. I have big breast already > but I wanted something to help reduce the sagging after having 4 kids. > So far the herbs are working and I am happy. I am using the fenugreek > and the fennel tablets. I only take 1 of each 2 times a day until my > system gets used to them. I have regular bowl movements now and overall > I have a better sense of well being. I will slowly up the dosage to > receive the full benefits in a couple of days.

> Well, it's been about 3 weeks since I started with the herbs. I'm amazed! > Quite frankly, I expected to be in the 90 day category for any results. I > started on the herbs for two reasons: (1) the thought of finally having a > bustline, while NOT nursing a baby, was appealing. (2) I was beginning to > experience the first possible signs of menopause. I'm only 39, so that was a > shock. However, there's been quite a bit of information in the media lately > regarding phyto-estrogens, so I thought that maybe I could attack two problems > at once. I started very slowly -- capsules only at first. Within a week, > there was increasing fullness in my breasts, which my husband quickly noticed. > Within two weeks, I added the lotion, and I was able to use the word "perky" > (of course, that was a comparative statement -- I still don't have a 19 year > old's bust!). This week, I've added the tea, and the improvements continue. > I'm excited to see how this progresses.

I am amazed with the fact that I no longer have cramps during and before my periods and my PMS is better..Even if my bust line doesn't get as big as I'd like I feel the herbs are making a difference in many other area of my health and body.

> Hi . . . I've been using your herbs for over a month now. I started a heavy > workout routine, but I found that if it weren't for your herbs, I would have > had a really flat chest area. The herbs have helped me "keep what i have" > right now and i am very pleased. I am awaiting my second batch (hopefully to > come tomorrow). > > Just wanted to let you know I found a palatable way to drink the fenugreek > that was pretty quick and easy to make. I just take one teaspoon of > fenugreek powder and put it in a tea cup (about 6 oz. of water) and add hot > water (from our water cooler) with a bag of lipton tea and 3 packets of equal > sugar substitute. I let it sit for a while, and it doesn't taste all that > bad. You can taste the fenugreek but it's still drinkable. > > Just wanted to thank you and your company again for giving hope to all of us > "little people" hahaah

I'm seeing some growth now, although it took 4 months, but it was worth the wait. I've tried alot of different teas and have found that I like Apple Cinnamon tea the best, also I make a strong tea and add it to lotion for massage. I like it better then the whole herbs. Thanks for a great product at a great price!!